Michelle Roberts

Michelle Roberts

Minister for Housing and Works; Indigenous Affairs; Heritage; Land Information

    Reward for young drivers

    12/01/2006 1:00 AM

    Western Australia’s safest young drivers will be rewarded with a free driver’s licence for a year under the Gallop Government’s new Safe Driver Reward Scheme.

    Police Minister Michelle Roberts launched the scheme, which is expected to cost $2.7million over four years, at the West Perth licensing centre today.

    Mrs Roberts said the scheme would support young drivers who completed their two-year probationary licence period without incurring any penalties.

    “It is important that we recognise and encourage young drivers who are showing maturity on the road and who are doing the right thing,” the Minister said.

    “We hear so much about young drivers being irresponsible on the roads. Today we are here to reward young drivers who have made it through their two years on P-plates without putting a foot wrong.

    “They are an example to their peers and we as a Government are rewarding them by paying their driver’s licence fee for one year.”

    The scheme applies to all probationary drivers who do not commit a traffic offence during their two-year probation period and whose driver’s licence expires on or after December 31, 2005. They will be eligible for the $33.10 saving.

    Mrs Roberts said young drivers were statistically over-represented in road fatalities.

    “On average, drivers aged between 17 and 24 years are involved in nearly one-third of road fatalities and serious injuries,” she said.

    “What makes it worse is that they only account for 13 per cent of all licensed drivers on the road.

    “By introducing the Safe Driver Reward Scheme, the State Government is providing an incentive for young people to drive safely and rewarding them when they do.

    “If we find this scheme is successful in reducing road trauma, consideration may be given to extending it to other drivers.”

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