Francis Logan

Francis Logan

Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    High failure rates in driving tests

    21/01/2006 12:00 AM

    New figures have revealed a high rate of failure among people sitting their practical driving tests.

    Minister Assisting in Planning and Infrastructure Francis Logan said the figures indicated that people needed to be better prepared for their tests.

    Mr Logan said more than 80,000 practical driving tests were conducted around the State in 2004-05.

    “Remarkably, 46 per cent of those who sat their practical driver assessment test failed at their first attempt,” he said.

    “Similar failure rates were recorded for people sitting their second and third tests.

    “This means that one in eight people took four or more driving tests before they were successful, which puts a huge demand on assessors and resources at licensing centres.”

    The Minister said there were four common mistakes made during driving tests:
    • rolling through ‘Stop’ signs;
    • speeding, particularly in school zones and on suburban roads;
    • failing to check blind-spots, particularly before changing lanes; and
    • failing to give way, particularly when leaving private property or terminating roads.
    “I am urging people to take a more responsible approach to obtaining their licence,” Mr Logan said.

    “They need to ensure they have received adequate training before undertaking their practical test.

    “The message is simple: make sure you are ready to be tested.”

    The Minister said a booklet produced by the Department for Planning and Infrastructure and the Road Safety Council, ‘How to Pass Your Driving Assessment’, outlined step-by-step practical assessment exercises for learner drivers.

    The guide is available from licensing centres and online at the department’s website:

    Mr Logan said there was a seasonally high demand for driving tests during summer, leading to long waiting lists at some centres.

    “We are taking steps to reduce these waiting lists, including approved overtime which will allow some driving tests to be conducted on Saturdays,” he said.

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