Eric Ripper

Eric Ripper

Deputy Premier; Treasurer; Minister for State Development

    Dr Judy Edwards lauded for 'enormous contribution'

    17/01/2006 1:00 AM

    Judy Edwards has presided over some of most significant environmental advances in the State’s history and she will be sorely missed as a Minister.

    Dr Edwards oversaw the end of logging of old growth forests and created 36 new national parks and reserves. She spearheaded the introduction of a comprehensive marine conservation network and introduced tough environmental legislation.

    As Labor’s spokesman and Minister on environmental issues since 1994, Dr Edwards has made an enormous contribution to Labor’s environmental program.

    She has the respect and continued support of her party and a broad cross-section of the Western Australian community.

    On a personal note, Judy Edwards’ calm and professional approach and her consideration for her colleagues had made it a privilege to work with her.

    I am pleased that she has decided to continue in the Parliament to make further contributions in new Parliamentary roles.

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