Alannah MacTiernan

Alannah MacTiernan

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

    New planning changes a major step forward

    2/12/2005 12:00 AM

    Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan has welcomed Parliament’s passing of significant new laws aimed at streamlining and simplifying planning.

    Ms MacTiernan said the Planning and Development Act 2005 was a major step forward in planning that would replace three fragmented Acts dating back to 1928.

    “The new laws will simplify planning, give greater consistency and certainty and promote sustainability - such as sustainable land use and development,” the Minister said.

    “The changes also streamline planning procedures for the preparation and amendment of region schemes, the review of local schemes and subdivision of land.”

    Ms MacTiernan said the legislation would also provide equity and fairness by extending consultation requirements and rights of appeal.

    “We have also taken the opportunity to reverse a law that allowed the Planning Commission to ignore local planning schemes,” she said.

    “The changes will also streamline planning procedures for region schemes, review of local town planning schemes and subdivisions.”

    The Minister said the legislation was the result of extensive consultation including the release of a green bill, public notices, stakeholder forums and briefings with local government, the development industry, State agencies and other stakeholders.

    “The Gallop Government has delivered on its commitment to modernise planning laws and create a planning system that is understandable, efficient and effective,” she said.

    “The Act is a consolidation of the Town Planning and Development Act 1928, the Metropolitan Region Town Planning Scheme Act 1959 and the Western Australian Planning Commission Act 1985 into a single, easy-to-read Act.”

    The Act will come into effect early in the New Year.

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