Alannah MacTiernan

Alannah MacTiernan

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

    Brookdale residential development a step closer to realisation

    17/12/2005 12:00 AM

    The master plan for an original residential community housing 30,000 people at Brookdale was unveiled this week by Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan.

    Ms MacTiernan said the planned extraordinary development had a unique natural atmosphere, as it would be intersected by avenues of trees and living streams.

    It would also have suburban density but with a bush setting woven through the entire subdivision.

    A revised master plan for Brookdale’s redevelopment over the next 15 years relocates the proposed town centre, realigns some roads and changes the location and size of the commercial, retail and entertainment centres.

    The plan also relocates or reconfigures primary schools planned for the new community, adds another school at the intersection of Rowley Road and Eleventh Avenue and provides for special rural lots between the Wungong River and potential Armadale golf course.

    The Minister said the changes resulted from a review of the draft master plan presented in March this year, and consultation with landowners.

    The revised plan was presented to a meeting of Brookdale landowners this week.

    Ms MacTiernan said the master plan was still evolving as it continued to respond to site constraints, existing landscape features and the ARA’s objectives for the community.

    “Planning the new Brookdale is a complex process because we want to create a really special, diverse and vibrant residential area here - a place where sustainable urban development ensures minimum impact on the natural environment,” she said.

    “The Brookdale project will also be used as a model demonstration project to guide development in Western Australia and nationally.

    “A focus of the project is to connect historical, cultural and environmental assets in the area to help create a community with a strong sense of place.

    “Brookdale will have a variety of housing and lot types to appeal to a broad range of people, and be integrated with recreational and conservation areas to develop a distinct feel and landscape.”

    The ARA is preparing a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to address the area’s environmental issues, ensuring less effort and expense for individual landowners at later stages. The SEA comprises several site investigations including assessing the extent and type of wetlands in the area, soil investigations and a detailed flora and fauna survey.

    The Nyoongar community has been involved to identify Aboriginal heritage issues which could affect development, and a plan is being prepared for the management of archaeological sites in the area.

    Ms MacTiernan said while Brookdale landowners generally supported the vision for the redevelopment, some had raised the issue of wetland buffers and other zoning concerns in developing their particular properties.

    The consultant team was developing a strategy in consultation with the Department of Environment to resolve these concerns through detailed surveys of wetlands, and seeking to balance the conservation needs of the wetlands with those of residents.

    The ARA is expected to release final plans for the Brookdale redevelopment for public comment in October next year following environmental approvals.

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