Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Minister for Education and Training; South West

    South-West poised to attract 'super tourists'

    18/11/2005 12:00 AM

    A Gallop Government grant to sell tours and products in the South-West is expected to attract more ‘super tourists’ to the region, South-West Minister Mark McGowan announced today.

    Mr McGowan said the $12,500 grant to ‘Australia’s South-West’ would help fund the appointment of a sales officer to promote the South-West region to conference delegates.

    “Conference delegates are considered to be ‘super tourists’ because they spend up to eight times more than the average tourist - up to $900 per day,” he said.

    “The funding will be used to sell tours and products in Australia’s South-West to delegates attending conventions.

    “The project will be linked to the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, which attracted 600,000 visitors in its first year.”

    The Minister said the new position reflected the South West Development Commission’s commitment to increase the number of international tourists to the region by 2010.

    “This market of tourists is one that cannot be ignored and this initiative is a step forward to help bring extra visitors into the South-West Region,” Mr McGowan said.

    “Tourism brings in big dollars to the South-West and helps create jobs and opportunities for locals.

    “We want to see the tourism industry grow further in the region which is why this grant is such a positive initiative.”

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