Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Minister for Education and Training; South West

    Prussian Blue not welcome in WA: Minister

    23/11/2005 12:00 AM

    The Gallop Government does not support American music duo ‘Prussian Blue’ visiting Western Australia, Citizenship and Multicultural Interests Minister Mark McGowan announced today.

    Mr McGowan said the duo’s racist song lyrics and Neo-Nazi sympathies were an affront to Australian values of tolerance and respect for ethnic and religious diversity.

    “I have made it clear to the agencies over which I have responsibility that the State Government does not support the visit of this group to WA,” he said.

    “I have been in contact with those agencies which control major sporting facilities to direct them not to allow a booking by this group.

    “Many Western Australians fought and defeated the Nazis 60 years ago and would not appreciate young girls being taken advantage of by Nazi sympathizers.

    “WA is a friendly, welcoming State but intolerance and racism are not welcome at any time.”

    Minister's office: 9222 9111