Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Minister for Education and Training; South West

    City of Stirling brings home sports industry awards

    5/11/2005 12:00 AM

    The City of Stirling has taken honours in the State’s peak sports industry awards for its work boosting local sport and recreation.

    It won the $10,000 Minister’s Award for Excellence and two other categories at the prestigious 2005 Sport and Recreation Industry Awards in Perth this evening.

    Sport and Recreation Minister Mark McGowan said the $10,000 top prize was the most allocated in the 20-year history of the awards in recognition of the increasingly important role of exercise in the community.

    Mr McGowan said the City of Stirling was leading the way in local government for the provision of sport and recreation services.

    “The City of Stirling stood out among local governments by taking a critical look at the way it manages its seven sport and recreation facilities to better meet the needs of users in a changing recreation environment,” he said.

    “The result has been an organisational restructure which has led to a 97 per cent retention rate of permanent user groups, and a number of other community groups managing successful businesses using the council’s facilities.

    “The restructure was also the springboard for the city’s innovative and ongoing support program Clubs Forever, which provides training support and self-management tools for almost 400 sport and recreation clubs.”

    The Minister said it was clear the City of Stirling, as the largest local government authority in Western Australia, took its community sport and recreation services very seriously.

    “With a recreation and cultural services staff of more than 150 and a budget of almost $9.5million, the City of Stirling has shown outstanding leadership in this crucial area,” he said.

    The 2005 Sport and Recreation Industry Awards represent the pinnacle of achievement in the industry.

    The awards, held every two years, are an opportunity to formally recognise innovation and excellence in the pursuit of best practice in WA's sport and recreation industry.

    “All the award nominees have shown tremendous leadership which, in turn, will stimulate and inspire others in the industry to adopt more innovative practices to improve levels of service,” Mr McGowan said.

    The Gallop Government will enhance WA’s unique lifestyle by spending about $86million this year on sport and recreation, including $44million capital funding for facilities, $12million on community facilities and $9million on sport development with funding from Lotterywest.

    The 2005 Sport and Recreation Industry Award category winners are:

    Minister's Award for Industry Excellence:
    Winner: City of Stirling
    This award recognises an outstanding contribution to the development and promotion of the sport and recreation industry in WA. The Minister's Award is chosen from the winners of each of the categories.

    Industry Award for Management:
    Winner: City of Stirling
    The City of Stirling’s Recreation and Cultural Services business unit has been restructured to achieve contemporary business goals and long-term sustainability of its sport and recreation services. Since incorporating key challenges from the State Government’s Strategic Directions for Western Australian Sport and Recreation
    2003-2005 (SD3), the business unit is at the cutting edge of the industry and in touch with technological advances.

    Commitment to Professional Development:
    Winner: University of Western Australia Sport and Recreation
    In recent years, UWA Sport and Recreation has focussed on ‘participation for all’ and pathways to excellence. This focus gives everybody the opportunity to participate in sport and recreation and to achieve at their highest level as individuals. Social sports have grown to more than 190 teams; strong relationships have been built with its 27 traditional sporting clubs; and participation has increased by five to 10 per cent.

    John Graham Award:
    Winner: Colleen Kluwen
    This award is presented to a person who has made a significant contribution to the sport and recreation industry over an extended period.

    Colleen Kluwen’s career in the health and fitness industry spans more than 30 years. She was one of WA’s first female health instructors. Before entering the industry in 1972, Colleen was a founding pioneer of callisthenics in WA, a sport that now boasts 20,000 participants. Colleen’s name is synonymous in the Australian fitness industry with ongoing education, commitment and instructor training.

    Award for Commitment to Participation:
    Winner: City of Swan
    The City of Swan has worked with several State Government agencies responsible for indigenous affairs, housing, people with disabilities, mental health and multicultural interests to ensure that as wide a range of users as possible have access to the city’s sport and recreation facilities.

    Facility Management Award - over $1,000,000:
    Winner: Challenge Stadium
    Since implementing a Geothermal Heating System to provide optimal and stable temperatures at Challenge Stadium - the southern hemisphere’s largest aquatic centre - natural gas consumption has been reduced by 85 per cent and consequently greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1,200 tonnes. Electricity consumption has also decreased. Overall, Challenge Stadium has achieved a 26 per cent reduction in energy consumption in 2004-05.

    Facility Management Award - under $1,000,000:
    Winner: City of Stirling
    The City of Stirling has adapted to the changing recreation environment by undertaking a major organisational redesign of its seven community recreation centres. This change has resulted in a 97 per cent retention rate for permanent user groups. A number of other community groups are now managing successful businesses using the facilities.

    Award for Volunteer Support:
    Winner: Shire of Capel
    The Shire of Capel saw there was a lack of trained members of the community working in sport and recreation clubs. Its response was to develop the Community Sport and Recreation Leaders Program, a 10-week program run by sport and recreation professionals and local community leaders. In a few short years, 25 community members have completed the program; nine have been hired as casual activity leaders.

    Provision of Sport and Recreation to Regional Western Australia:
    Winner: WA Netball
    WA Netball’s Regional Academy is a structured education and training program for athletes, coaches and umpires. The academy is run in 11 regional and metropolitan areas. The success of the program is the increased level of consistency in on-court aspects of netball across WA. The academy has become the focal point for the sport.

    Contribution to Indigenous Sport and Recreation:
    Winner: WA Netball
    The WA Netball Indigenous Sport Development Program focuses on the three main improvement areas of player, coach and umpire development. The program was also designed to encourage the integration of indigenous athletes into WA’s regional netball academies. The program provides for the smooth transition of athletes into mainstream competitions and offers education and support through role models.

    Community Event Award:
    Winner: City of Geraldton
    Swim Across Australia was a community event that gained national prominence through the Keep Watch Prevent Your Child from Drowning campaign. The event saw a truck-mounted swimming pool driven across Australia while volunteers swam laps. The 21-day event became the City or Geraldton’s greatest ever community-based project. The equipment used to transport the pool will be used to visit remote communities to teach children about water safety.

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