Alannah MacTiernan

Alannah MacTiernan

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

    Minister announces new appointments to Pastoral Lands Board

    6/10/2005 12:00 AM

    A highly respected conservationist and a Kimberley pastoralist have been appointed to Western Australia’s Pastoral Lands Board.

    Announcing the appointments today, Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan said the experience and knowledge of both incoming members would significantly enhance the operations of the board.

    Ms MacTiernan said Graeme Rundle would serve as the member with expertise in flora, fauna and land conservation management.

    “Mr Rundle is well respected by the conservation movement, having served on a number of peak conservation organisations at both the State and national level during the past 30 years and as a current executive member of the WA Conservation Council and the Conservation Commission,” the Minister said.

    “He has a special interest in biodiversity conservation, with a focus on the rangelands, which has involved work with Government agencies and the pastoral and mining industries.”

    Mr Rundle replaces David Wilcox, who served as the conservation member on the board for seven years.

    Ms MacTiernan said the second appointment to the board was the current lessee of Napier Downs, about 140km east of Derby, Peter Leutenegger.

    “Mr Leutenegger has been appointed as a member with a present or past interest in a pastoral lease,” she said.

    “Prior to taking on Napier Downs in 1992, Mr Leutenegger worked on sheep and cattle stations in Queensland and the Gascoyne. He also ran a helicopter mustering business in the Kimberley from 1984 to 1996 and was a great contributor as a member of the Alternative Models of Tenure Pastoral Industry Working Group.”

    Mr Leutenegger replaces Susan Bradley, who served on the board for four years.

    Ms MacTiernan said the board would continue to operate under the leadership of the current chairman, Professor Graeme Robertson.

    “In addition to the new members, the Department of Conservation and Land Management’s senior environmental officer Dr Tony Brandis has been appointed as the deputy to the conservation member - replacing Denise True, who has been a deputy on the board for four years,” the Minister said.

    Each member of the board has an officially appointed deputy.

    Ms MacTiernan said she looked forward to working with the new members and deputy to ensure the effective administration of pastoral leases throughout WA.

    Reappointed members and deputies include Adrian Morrissey from Meeline Station out of Mt Magnet, Jack Burton from Yeeda Station out of Derby as deputy to Peter Leutenegger, and Rod Campbell from Kybo Station on the Nullarbor as deputy to Adrian Morrissey.

    Robert Watson from Mt Anderson Station out of Derby, Marion Dolby from Mt Pierre Station out of Fitzroy Crossing, Ann Coppin from Yarrie Station out of Marble Bar, and Patricia Maslen from Cooralya Station out of Carnarvon, continue to serve the board.

    Ms MacTiernan said the new members had been appointed for a period between two and three years to ensure consistency and the continuation of the board’s policy work.

    Minister's office: 9213 6400