Francis Logan

Francis Logan

Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    Ningaloo sites added to heritage list

    5/09/2005 12:00 AM

    Two historic sites on the Ningaloo coast have been added to the State’s heritage register.

    Heritage Minister Francis Logan said the Norwegian Bay Whaling Station and the Points Cloates Lightstation were of tremendous historic significance to the whole State.

    “The Norwegian Bay Whaling Station was probably the most successful bay whaling station to ever operate in Western Australia,” Mr Logan said.

    “It operated from 1915 to 1957 and its success led to the establishment of several other shore stations around Australia.

    “The whaling station is important for its association with Norwegian and other Scandinavian whaling men, three of whom are buried in the dunes near the site.

    “The ruins are located at remote Norwegian Bay and are a dominant landmark on the site, visible from the ocean and the dune ridge on the mainland.”

    The Minister said the Points Cloates Lightstation was the earliest site of European occupation along the Ningaloo coastline.

    It comprises the sandstone ruins of the lighthouse and the quarters. On-site accommodation was provided for those working in the lightstation, demonstrating a way of life no longer practised.

    Built in 1910 and operating until 1936, the lightstation was an important link in the development of coastal lights in WA.

    Mr Logan said the heritage listing of the two sites would add to the iconic status of the Ningaloo region.

    He said the Gallop Government was committed to protecting and enhancing Western Australia's unique lifestyle, including significant heritage sites.

    Also listed this week is the Ludlow Forestry Settlement.

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