Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Minister for Education and Training; South West

    New guide to assist leavers with the law

    25/09/2005 12:00 AM

    Every Year 12 student throughout Western Australia will receive a copy of a new guide informing them of their legal rights and responsibilities during leavers celebrations, Youth Minister Mark McGowan announced today.

    Mr McGowan said it was important young people were provided with accurate legal information before celebrations started to ensure they were able to make informed decisions about their behaviour during Leavers Week.

    “Young people are under a lot of pressure during Year 12 and want to let their hair down when all the exams and classes are over,” he said.

    “Most young people have a good time without getting into trouble but some people, either through their own behaviour or the behaviour of others, are left with hefty fines, criminal records or damage bills.

    “’Leavers and the Law’ outlines common problems young people face during leavers week, and provides practical information to ensure safety in the lead up to, and during, these celebrations.”

    The Minister said 21,000 copies of the booklet would be distributed to all Western Australian high schools over the next week.

    The Youth Legal Service produced the booklet, which was part-funded by the State Government.

    Youth Legal Service manager Cheryl Cassidy-Vernon said there had been an increase in the number of young people seeking legal advice following leavers week in the past few years.

    “This booklet aims to dispel the myths surrounding sex, alcohol, drugs and legal responsibilities around accommodation,” Ms Cassidy-Vernon said.

    “We would much prefer to see young people fully aware of the law so they do not need legal advice later on.”

    ‘Leavers and the Law’ can be found at and is also available from the Youth Legal Service on (08) 9202 1688.

    Minister's office: 9222 9111