Jon Ford

Jon Ford

Minister for Employment Protection; Regional Development; Fisheries; the Kimberley, Pilbara and Gascoyne

    New fishing rules for south coast anglers

    5/09/2005 12:00 AM

    Fisheries Minister Jon Ford today announced new recreational rules aimed at protecting fish stocks along the State’s south coast.

    Mr Ford said the package included revised bag and size limits, which would apply from January 1 next year.

    “This move will help ensure sustainable catches of popular species for all recreational fishers,” the Minister said.

    The new bag limits for individual species include dhufish two (currently four); mulloway two (currently four); queen snapper four (currently eight); red snapper and swallowtail eight each (currently a combined limit of 20); black bream eight (currently 20) and King George whiting 12 (currently 20).

    The bag limit for tailor will remain at eight, but under new size restrictions only two fish can be over 60 centimetres. New minimum size limits for other species include red snapper 30 centimetres and tarwhine 25 centimetres.

    The south coast fishing region extends from Black Point, near Augusta, all the way to the South Australian border. Similar fishing rules have already been announced for the other regions in Western Australia.

    “Across WA, an estimated 600,000 people go fishing every year - or nearly one in three people,” Mr Ford said.

    “Anglers are also fishing more often with improved technology, which is taking a greater toll on fish stocks.”

    The Minister thanked fishers and a community working group for being involved in an extensive public review of the rules.

    The three-tier bag limit system will also be adopted on the south coast - ranking popular species in terms of abundance, reproductive capacity, growth rates and exposure to over-fishing. The categories are:

    Category 1 - High risk
    Species which are generally slow growing and long-lived, maturing at four years or more. Includes dhufish, mulloway and western blue groper. Mixed daily bag limit seven.

    Category 2 - Medium risk
    Species which generally mature at two or three years and are often found in estuary and in-shore habitats. Includes red snapper and black bream. Mixed daily bag limit 16.

    Category 3 - Low risk
    Species which mature at one or two years, including herring, garfish, whiting and mullet. Mixed daily bag limit 40.

    Mr Ford said the Gallop Government was determined to protect fish species for future generations as part of its commitment to enhancing WA's unique lifestyle and environment.

    Full details of the new rules are available from the Fisheries Department or online at

    Minister's office: 9425 4200