Judy Edwards

Judy Edwards

Former Minister for the Environment; Science

    Minister sets targets for odour improvements at Woodman Point

    8/09/2005 12:00 AM

    Environment Minister Judy Edwards has moved to take some of the ‘hum’ from the air around Woodman Point.

    Dr Edwards today announced she had imposed requirements on the Water Corporation to reduce odours from its Woodman Point wastewater treatment plant.

    The plant is the biggest of its kind in the metropolitan area and currently treats around 120 megalitres of wastewater a day.

    The Minister’s move follows an independent investigation of an appeal from a nearby resident against the conditions of the Department of Environment’s operating licence for the facility.

    “In response to this appeal and broader community concerns, I have directed that the Water Corporation develop an odour improvement plan that halves odours from the plant within three years,” she said.

    “The Water Corporation also will have to deliver further reductions in odour emissions so that acceptable ambient levels are ultimately achieved at the nearest neighbours. If this cannot be practically achieved, the Water Corporation will have to develop strategies to resolve any residual land use conflicts.”

    Dr Edwards said there was a long history associated with smells from the facility, and strong community expectations in terms of long-term improvements.

    “Cockburn MLA Francis Logan has raised these issues with me and while a resolution will be expensive and take time, my decision provides clear direction for what needs to be achieved,” she said.

    The Minister also has asked the Environmental Protection Authority for strategic advice on the Water Corporation’s proposed approach to odour improvements and buffer requirements for the plant.

    A detailed strategic environmental review prepared as part of this process is expected to be released for public comment later this month.

    “While the EPA’s advice will provide important guidelines for reductions in odours, this process will take some time to finalise,” Dr Edwards said.

    “Consequently, I considered that it was necessary to ensure that some direction was given to ensure the timely delivery of odour improvement works at the plant.

    “I also have endorsed the Water Corporation’s commitment to improve the effectiveness and openness of its community consultation through the formation of a new reference group, including the appointment of an independent chairperson, to assist in the way forward on these issues.”

    Minister's office: 9220 5050