Geoff Gallop

Geoff Gallop

Former Premier; Minister for Public Sector Management; Water Resources; Federal Affairs

Judy Edwards

Judy Edwards

Former Minister for the Environment; Science

    WA agriculture, mining gains from Premier's $1 million science fellowships

    23/08/2005 12:00 AM

    Western Australia’s agricultural crops and mining sectors will be the big winners under this year’s 2005 Premier’s Research Fellowship Program.

    Premier Geoff Gallop and Science Minister Judy Edwards today announced that two eminent international scientists had been awarded fellowships under the program that aims to attract leading researchers to WA from overseas or interstate to conduct scientific research that is internationally competitive and of specific benefit to WA.

    They are:
    • Dr Ian Small, of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research; and
    • Professor Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, of the Johannes Gutenberg-University, Germany.
    Dr Gallop said Dr Small was a world-leading researcher in plant energy biology, investigating the processes that drive plant growth.

    “His cutting edge research is in a field of clear importance to the State both economically, through boosting agricultural outputs, and environmentally, through identifying plants better able to thrive in WA’s climate,” the Premier said.

    “Professor Regenauer-Lieb uses powerful computers to simulate geological processes. This is leading to a greater understanding of the formation of giant ore bodies. His work will assist WA in identifying new ore deposits in the State.”

    Dr Gallop said the fellowships, each worth $1million over four years, had been awarded on the advice of the WA Science Council.

    “These fellowships aim to build and sustain world-class research teams with international connections, increase the level of external funding brought to the State and significantly enhance research efforts that will benefit present and future generations of Western Australians,” he said.

    "The fellowship program is part of the State Government’s aim of securing WA’s long-term prosperity by investing the benefits of our booming economy in education and scientific research, especially in key areas such as agriculture and resources.”

    Dr Edwards said both fellows proposed highly innovative research programs that covered a range of disciplines.

    “Not only will their work provide economic benefits for WA - Dr Small and Professor Regenauer-Lieb are committed to raising science awareness and developing young WA scientists,” she said.

    Dr Small will join other researchers at The University of WA and Professor Regenauer-Lieb will be appointed by UWA in association with CSIRO Exploration and Mining.

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