Francis Logan

Francis Logan

Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    South Hedland project under way

    3/08/2005 12:00 AM

    The first step in a bold plan to revitalise South Hedland will begin at the weekend when tenders are called for the refurbishment of Homeswest properties in the town.

    Housing and Works Minister Francis Logan said advertisements would be placed in weekend newspapers to find a suitably experienced and committed organisation to undertake the refurbishment and revitalisation program.

    The work would be undertaken under the Department of Housing and Works’ acclaimed New Living program.

    In June this year, Premier Geoff Gallop announced an urban renewal program that will transform South Hedland into a better and safer place to live and work.

    Mr Logan said the refurbishment of Homeswest properties was a crucial first step in the program because it would create a more attractive living environment.

    He said it would also improve the capacity of industry to attract and retain workers in the town.

    The New Living program is managed by DHW’s development arm Landstart, in partnership with the private sector. In addition to redeveloping older public housing stock, the program also works towards reducing Homeswest’s rental presence in the area and encouraging more home ownership.

    “We have found that urban renewal programs in other regional centres around the State have provided a boost to small business, while increasing property values and reducing the ratio of public to private housing stock,” Mr Logan said.

    “The Gallop Government is committed to improving the quality of services to all Western Australians wherever they live.”

    The Minister said the expanded South Hedland New Living program would involve the creation of about 50 lots, as well as the refurbishment and sale of Homeswest properties.

    The New Living program has won a World Habitat Award and has had a positive impact on areas that have had a reputation for anti-social behaviour, crime and poor amenities. For example, crime in the Perth suburb of Lockridge dropped by 55 per cent in the first three years of the New Living project.

    Currently there are 17 areas around the State being renewed. While each is different, the aims are the same - to:
    • reduce the public housing presence;
    • refurbish houses for sale to the public or existing tenants;
    • reduce the social stigma caused by the density of inappropriate and outdated public housing;
    • upgrade and refurbish public rental housing;
    • improve the social mix;
    • improve amenities including streetscaping and upgrading parks; and
    • encourage a sense of added security for local residents by eliminating areas, which provide venues for anti-social behaviour.
    Organisations interested in lodging a tender submission for the South Hedland project must attend a mandatory briefing to be held at the DHW, 2nd floor conference room, 99 Plain Street, East Perth, from 10am to 11am on Thursday, August 18. For further information, contact Cecil Stapleton on 9222 8120 or fax on 9222 8142.

    Minister's Office: 9222 8950