Judy Edwards

Judy Edwards

Former Minister for the Environment; Science

    Quenda rescued from metropolitan development sites

    4/08/2005 12:00 AM

    Quenda - southern brown bandicoots - are being translocated this week from the Swan Coastal Plain to Peron Peninsula in Shark Bay, by the Department of Conservation and Land Management.

    The translocation is part of CALM’s Western Shield fauna recovery program, which has seen the eradication of foxes and a reduction of cat numbers on Peron Peninsula.

    Environment Minister Judy Edwards said between 20 and 30 animals would be collected from various development sites on the Swan Coastal Plain.

    “The translocation will be the most northern point to which CALM has taken this species,” Dr Edwards said.

    “Sub-fossil records indicate that quenda were present in Shark Bay before European settlement.”

    Quenda are being trapped this week at the Perth suburb of Egerton. The trapped animals will be weighed and ear-tagged and kept individually in hessian bags.

    The quenda will then be transported to Shark Bay by road in an air-conditioned station wagon and radio collars will be fitted.

    “Quenda is a Priority Four species, meaning it still is dependent on active management to ensure its status remains healthy,” the Minister said.

    “The species was removed from the State’s threatened fauna list in 1998, as a result of conservation strategies carried out by CALM, particularly fox control.”

    Dr Edwards said the quenda would join woylies, malleefowl and bilbies which also had been reintroduced into their former range on Peron Peninsula.

    “In fact, bilbies are now so common that many locals have seen them around the Shark Bay township and we have had to put up warning signs, as a number of the animals have unfortunately been killed on the roads,” she said.

    The Minister said further trapping programs would be carried out other development sites on the Swan Coastal Plain.

    “By moving remnant populations of species such as the quenda, we are taking further steps to ensure the conservation of the State’s native animals,” she said.

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