Francis Logan

Francis Logan

Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    Fels should be stood down as Opposition spokesman

    13/08/2005 12:00 AM

    Upper House Liberal Anthony Fels should be stood down as Opposition spokesman on consumer affairs until he fully explains why his electorate office is being used for private business purposes.

    Housing and Works Minister Francis Logan today demanded that Liberal Leader Matt Birney take the action immediately.

    “Mr Fels has been caught out using taxpayer-paid resources to get sales staff for his company, but what we do not know is the full extent of the abuse,” Mr Logan said.

    “How many phone calls, how many faxes, how many staff hours have been consumed in his electorate office in promoting his business Liquid Engineering? This is an outrageous abuse.

    “Mr Birney is showing his naivety and inexperience in allowing such behaviour to continue.”

    Mr Logan said an employment advertisement was placed by Liquid Engineering in Victoria’s The Weekly Times on August 3, using Mr Fels’ Government email address and his electorate office fax number.

    This contravened the guidelines in the Policy and Procedures Manual, issued to all MPs, which said:
        ‘Parliamentary electorate offices are provided on the basis that they are not to be used for the purposes other than those related to the parliamentary or electoral duties of the member.’

    The Minister said he understood the matter would be investigated by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

    “This is not a good start to his parliamentary career and it reflects on his party’s leadership,” Mr Logan said.

    “As the leader of an inexperienced team, Mr Birney should now make sure that all Opposition MPs are aware of the basic rules.”

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