Judy Edwards

Judy Edwards

Former Minister for the Environment; Science

    Federal cane toad funds - about time!

    5/08/2005 12:00 AM

    Environment and Science Minister Judy Edwards today welcomed the Federal Government’s additional funding for the fight against cane toads but said it was only the first instalment.

    “The $600,000 for the joint Federal-WA cane toad task force only matches what the State Government put up last December,” Dr Edwards said.

    “Since then, the State Government has allocated a further $1.9million, including $500,000 for the community-based Stop the Toad Foundation and $1.4million for on-the-ground operations such as trapping and community awareness.

    “So for Western Australia’s $2.5million, the Commonwealth has chipped in less than a quarter.”

    The Minister said she was pleased the CSIRO was being given funds to continue its research into biological control for cane toads but was concerned that it might only be an extension of current arrangements rather than ‘new money’.

    “It seems ironic that biological control is the only long-term solution, given that the cane toad itself has been the most disastrous biological control ever introduced,” she said.

    “However, this research is a long-term project and we need to continue other control measures, including trapping and strategic fencing, if we are to contain the toads and stem their westward invasion and potentially disastrous impacts on WA’s biodiversity.”

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