Judy Edwards

Judy Edwards

Former Minister for the Environment; Science

    Edwards tightens KCGM licence controls

    24/08/2005 12:00 AM

    Environment Minister Dr Judy Edwards has tightened the controls on KCGM’s operating licence.

    The move follows Ministerial approval of the company’s proposal to increase the height of its Fimiston 1 tailings storage facility earlier this year following an independent technical review.

    Dr Edwards recently considered six appeals in connection with the operating licence.

    “The company will be required to ensure that its seepage and groundwater management plan is completed and implemented as a matter of priority and that measures to reduce groundwater levels are subject to an annual independent audit,” she said.

    “The results of this audit will be made public.

    “I also have asked the Department of Environment (DoE) to continue to review the company’s vegetation and groundwater monitoring schemes. Licence conditions relating to dust, liquid and contaminated waste management will also be strengthened.”

    Dr Edwards said recent monitoring had detected an increase in mercury emissions from KCGM’s Fimiston mill and Gidji roaster operations.

    “The DoE is currently liaising with the Department of Health on these elevated mercury emissions," she said.

    “Further, the DoE is including mercury within the Kalgoorlie air shed background study that is due to begin soon.”

    Dr Edwards acknowledged KCGM was investigating ways to control emissions and had already introduced some short-term measures at Fimiston, similar to those applied to the Gidji roaster.

    “To ensure that mercury emissions associated with the company’s operations are minimised and managed, I have also asked DoE as a matter of urgency to make the necessary changes to the company’s licences in respect to Fimiston and Gidji,” she said.

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