Francis Logan

Francis Logan

Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    Grass trees saved from bulldozer

    28/07/2005 12:00 AM

    A dense cluster of grass trees in Yangebup bushland has been saved from development bulldozers.

    Landstart, the development arm of the Department of Housing and Works, is supervising the removal of the grass trees before a 2.6ha subdivision lot in Birchley Road is cleared.

    Housing and Works Minister Francis Logan said the move to save the trees demonstrated the department’s stance on sustainability and the importance of treating the environment with respect.

    “In many parts of the world, the environment continues to be degraded,” Mr Logan said.

    “We all agree that Western Australia is a great place to live. But this will not always be the case if we do not plan our development in a sustainable way.

    “It is a responsibility for Government and industry to consider strategies to encourage the sustainable transformation of the landscape.

    “The Gallop Government is committed to protecting and enhancing WA’s unique environment and I am very pleased to say that the DHW is playing its part to support WA’s State Sustainability Strategy across its various areas of responsibility.”

    The Minister said the tender for the clearing and earthworks component of the Birchley Street subdivision had recently closed and a contract was expected to be awarded early next month.

    Since the site contained a significant amount of high quality grass trees, it was decided that as many as possible should be removed and relocated before the earthworks began.

    The relocation would be undertaken by sub-contactor Bruce Abbott, of Re-Plants, in the next couple of weeks.

    Re-Plants have previously relocated grass trees within the department’s Banksia Grove subdivision and also transplanted them to its St Andrews subdivision in Dianella. It is currently relocating grass trees within the department’s Beeliar joint venture.

    “The whole sustainability debate is one which is challenging our thinking and causing us to review current practices to find better ways to deliver products which meet the aims of simultaneous environmental, social and economic improvement,” Mr Logan said.

    “I am confident that the department’s excellent initiatives sit well with the overall Government sustainable strategy and that they demonstrate the educative role that we have in the community.

    “Sustainability is a concept that resonates and many people, Government agencies and businesses now see this approach as the only way forward.”

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