John Bowler

John Bowler

Former Minister for Local Government; Employment Protection; Racing and Gaming; Goldfields-Esperance and Great Southern

    Latest attack reinforces need for action

    22/06/2005 12:00 AM

    The attack by a pure bred American Pit Bull on a six-year-old girl in the Tiwi Islands has reinforced the need to protect Western Australia’s families from these dangerous dogs.

    Local Government and Regional Development Minister John Bowler said the young girl was reported to have required 30 stitches following the attack on Thursday by a policeman’s pet dog.

    Mr Bowler said the horrific incident was another example of why the dangerous dogs ban was needed.

    “While the vast number of American Pit Bull owners are good and responsible owners who look after their pets well, the animals are unpredictable,” he said.

    “If these dogs do turn, they can cause serious injuries and even death.

    “I again assure all sensible owners that under these proposals, current pets will still be able to be kept, so long as they follow the associated restrictions.

    “They will only be banned from breeding and the transfer of ownership.”

    Restricted breed dogs in WA are: Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa, American pit bull terrier and pit bull terrier. The regulations also provide for the inclusion of a mixed breed dog that visibly contains one of the restricted dog ‘traits’.

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