Jim McGinty

Jim McGinty

Attorney General; Minister for Health; Electoral Affairs

    Kaleeya Hospital surgery rates increase

    1/06/2005 12:00 AM

    Increased staff numbers have boosted elective surgery rates at Kaleeya Hospital in East Fremantle.

    Health Minister Jim McGinty said 238 elective surgery waitlist cases had been performed at Kaleeya in the past four months, with a further 1,200 operations scheduled for 2005-06.

    “There are currently 21 public surgical sessions listed per fortnight, which means surgeons can perform about 80 operations during this period, depending on the complexity of the surgery,” Mr McGinty said.

    “This figure will increase over the next few months as additional theatre, anaesthetic and junior medical staff are recruited.

    “The procedures include general and laparoscopic surgery, urology, arthroscopies and orthopaedic surgery such as total hip replacements, knee replacements and other complex operations such as revision joint replacements.

    “It is pleasing to see the extra surgical capacity develop at Kaleeya and I am confident this will help reduce the overall elective surgery waiting list in Western Australia.”

    The Minister said the number of ambulatory surgery procedures at Kaleeya had also increased.

    “In the past four months, 400 patients have benefited from this new ambulatory initiative, with a further 2,800 patients to undergo procedures in 2005-06,” he said.

    Mr McGinty said 14 patients from Fremantle Hospital had been transferred to the new Rehabilitation Unit at Kaleeya, with a further eight moving by the end of June.

    “As a result of the increased surgical and rehabilitation activity, the weekly occupancy rate is now higher than it was when Kaleeya was a private hospital,” he said.

    “For the last four weeks, the occupancy rate at the hospital has been above 40 per cent and reached 49 per cent last week - an impressive indication that we are well on the way to seeing Kaleeya play a vital role in the State’s public hospital system.

    “The Gallop Government is improving the quality of services to all Western Australians wherever they live.”

    The Minister said up to 65 beds at Kaleeya would be used as part of the Government’s 2005 winter bed strategy.

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