Kim Chance

Kim Chance

Minister for Agriculture and Food; Forestry; the Mid West and Wheatbelt; Great Southern

    Chance calls on retailers to honour Country of Origin Labelling requirements

    30/06/2005 12:00 AM

    Agriculture Minister Kim Chance has called on all fruit and vegetable importers, wholesalers and retailers to honour Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) requirements on all unpackaged foods including fruit, vegetables, fish and nuts.

    Mr Chance has written to retailers asking them to ensure that CoOL is declared on produce and to invite them to a meeting with him to discuss this important issue.

    “It is the Western Australian State Government’s position that consumers have a right to know what country their food comes from and retailers have a responsibility to provide this information,” he said.

    The Minister applauded WA consumers for taking a greater interest in the food they ate as the campaign calling for country of origin labelling gained momentum across the State.

    He said he was pleased that his support for Country of Origin labelling, which he had held for the past 10 years, had finally caught the interest of the community.

    “My view has always been that Country of Original labelling should be mandatory in order to give consumers the opportunity to make an informed decision,” Mr Chance said.

    “It is reassuring to know that WA consumers are thinking more about the produce they eat and the origin of that produce.

    “The Gallop Government has always supported a ‘buy local’ campaign and mandatory CoOL will ensure consumers are able to make a more informed choice about the products they are buying.”

    The meeting with retailers is scheduled to take place on Thursday, July 7.

    Minister's office: 9213 6700