Bob Kucera

Bob Kucera

Former Minister for Disability Services; Sport and Recreation; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests; Seniors

    Little in Federal Budget for WA sport and recreation

    11/05/2005 12:00 AM

    Sport and Recreation Minister Bob Kucera said today that Western Australian sport and recreation was again neglected in the Federal Budget.

    “It was disappointing that the Federal Government failed to acknowledge that taxes paid by Western Australians should be returned in the form of infrastructure and services like new stadiums for the benefit of all,” Mr Kucera said.

    “While I welcome the Federal Government’s funding for sport and recreation generally, there is little in last night’s $380million package to give me hope that WA will ever get a fair funding deal.

    “The Federal Government has shown that when it comes to funding community sport and recreation facilities, it focuses on big projects in the Eastern States.

    “Of the $38million committed to sporting facilities around Australia over the next three years, it appears not one cent will reach WA.”

    The Minister said supported projects in Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria were important, but Western Australians deserved some equal return to ensure that sport and recreation continues to develop equally across the entire country.

    “The Howard-Costello Government has previously given more than $1billion to New South Wales to upgrade and build new stadiums for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games,” Mr Kucera said.

    “Melbourne received $300million as part of its program for the Commonwealth Games.

    “WA had its last major injection of Federal funds for a sporting arena back in 1962, when Perry Lakes hosted the Commonwealth Games.

    “Our sporting groups have had to rely on the Gallop Government to shoulder the bulk of support to sport to the tune of $149million since coming to office and the generosity of the WA public.

    ”How can we continue the Gallop Government’s work to improve the quality of services and ensure regional Western Australia receives its fair share if the Federal Government continues to starve the nation’s western third of funding?”

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