Kim Chance

Kim Chance

Minister for Agriculture and Food; Forestry; the Mid West and Wheatbelt; Great Southern

    Minister unveils multi-million dollar revitalisation of Perth Market City

    29/04/2005 12:00 AM

    A multi-million dollar redevelopment at the Perth Market City would cement its place as the centre for fresh food excellence in Western Australia, Agriculture Minister Kim Chance said today.

    He said the $13.5million redevelopment, which involves the overhaul of the commercial centre and the construction of a new Cool Chain Warehouse, would see the revitalisation of the Canning Vale complex.

    “Part of the revamped commercial centre will become a market-style showcase for WA fresh produce with fresh food stores, restaurants and cafes as well as the display, sale and promotion of locally grown and produced foods, wine, fish and dairy products,” the Minister said.

    “In addition, the existing Warehouse W1 will be refurbished, including weather- proofing to allow for the continuation of the Sunday markets. It will also have the potential for seven day trading in an area that ensures public safety and allows the efficient operations of the wholesale area of Market City.

    "The Centre for Fresh Food Excellence is the guiding theme of the new development plan.

    “To further support this thrust the development will also include food tasting facilities and a multi-purpose conference and cooking demonstration facility.”

    The other main aspect of the plan is a new 4,600m square cool chain warehouse. The warehouse will allow trucks to unload in a temperature-controlled environment, which will improve the shelf life of the fresh produce, providing a direct benefit to retailers and consumers.

    “This is another example of the Gallop Government improving the quality of services to all Western Australians, wherever they live,” Mr Chance said.

    PMA Chairman David Taylor said the development would support both the longer-term viability of the markets as well as strengthen the position of Market City as the centre for fresh food distribution in WA.

    Mr Taylor said WA’s growers would have access to world-class facilities for the storage, display, sale and promotion of fresh produce to clients both locally and abroad.

    The development was being funded by the Perth Market Authority’s (PMA) own cash reserves and a WA Treasury Corporation loan on a 40-60 equity to debt split. The PMA considers the full cost of the redevelopment is recoverable within nine years through rental revenue.

    He said the Market City redevelopment reflected the recommendations of Professor Murray McGregor’s review, which recommended that the Board of PMA should prepare a development plan for the whole site, and that the development should be compatible with and enhance the core business of the complex.

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