Geoff Gallop

Geoff Gallop

Former Premier; Minister for Public Sector Management; Water Resources; Federal Affairs

    10,000 new jobs created in WA last month

    10/02/2005 4:50 PM

    Western Australia’s unemployment rate is again the lowest of all the States and more than 10,000 new jobs were created in the State in the past month, Premier Geoff Gallop announced today.

    “The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics labour force report shows continuing jobs growth in WA under Labor’s management,” Dr Gallop said.

    “More than 90,000 new jobs have been created since the Gallop Government was elected and we have the plan to create more employment opportunities in a second term of government.”

    The Premier said the unemployment rate had increased marginally to 4.6 per cent in January, but that was the sixth month it had been below five per cent.

    “As well as being the lowest of all the States, we are also well below the national average of 5.1 per cent,” he said.

    “It is pleasing to note that our jobs growth in WA is in full-time jobs.

    “More than half the full-time jobs created nationally in the past month were created here in WA.”

    Today’s Labour Force Survey showed full-time employment rose by 24,400 across Australia in January, with 14,000 of those new full-time jobs created in WA.

    Total employment in WA had now reached 1,015,500, with more than 720,000 people in full-time employment.

    “Labor has delivered an economic climate to give businesses confidence to grow and now we are seeing the benefits of the investment my Government has fostered, which has increased by 64.6 per cent in the past three years,” the Premier said.

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