Bob Kucera

Bob Kucera

Former Minister for Disability Services; Sport and Recreation; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests; Seniors

    Regional Western Australia to have say on metropolitan trading hours

    10/01/2005 3:00 PM

    Regional voters will help decide what shopping hours will operate in the metropolitan area at the next State election.

    South-West Minister Bob Kucera said it was important that all Western Australians had a say in the capital city’s shopping hours.

    “At one time or another, people who live in the regions come to Perth and they should be able to exercise their democratic right and help determine when they can and cannot shop in the metropolitan area,” Mr Kucera said.

    "The Gallop Government is committed to a referendum that will let the people have their say on when they want to shop and Labor will back it up with new legislation after the election.

    "There is a strong push for a reform of our shopping hours in the metropolitan region and it is right that this reform should be open for public debate - open to every Western Australian.”

    The Minister said the shopping hours referendum at the next State election would have no impact on the times shops operated in regional WA.

    People living in regional WA already had the capacity to choose their own shopping hours.

    “Under current laws, regional people can determine their own shopping hours by mounting a case for extended or reduced shopping hours through their local council and putting that request to the Minister for Consumer and Employment Protection,” Mr Kucera said.

    “There are examples all over the State where country people have decided to change trading hours to suit their circumstances.

    “Local people in Albany, Busselton, Port Hedland and elsewhere have decided to tailor shopping hours to their needs.”

    At the election referendum, people would be asked whether they favoured trading hours in the Perth metropolitan area being extended to allow general retail shops to trade until 9pm Monday to Friday and whether they favoured trading hours in the Perth metropolitan area being extended to allow general retail shops to trade for six hours on Sunday.

    "The State Government has been committed to good management, unlike the Liberals, who had five deficits in eight years and made changes to retail regulations which could be challenged as unlawful," Mr Kucera said.

    "Now is the time for all Western Australians to decide when they want to shop in the metropolitan area.”

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