Alan Carpenter

Alan Carpenter

Premier; Minister for Federal-State Relations; Trade; Innovation; Science; Public Sector Management

Sheila McHale

Sheila McHale

Minister for Disability Services; Tourism; Culture and the Arts; Consumer Protection

    New strategy for connecting arts and education in Western Australia

    4/01/2005 1:00 PM

    The value of the arts as an educational tool was recognised today with the release of a new Government strategy.

    Developed by the Department of Culture and the Arts and the Department of Education and Training, ‘Creative Connections: an arts in education framework’ will support and enhance existing arts education in Government schools.

    Culture and Arts Minister Sheila McHale said the publication outlined strategies to support a diverse range of high quality arts and cultural experiences from Kindergarten to Year 12.

    “Quality arts programs play an important role in the development of both academic and social skills,” Ms McHale said.

    “The arts are powerful tools to support children and young people in developing creativity and skills to analyse and interpret the world around them.”

    Education and Training Minister Alan Carpenter said the new framework would change the way that art education was taught at every level of schooling.

    “The new framework will demonstrate that there is a link between art and culture and other learning areas including English, science and maths,” Mr Carpenter said.

    “It will foster students’ creativity and challenge students to develop a critical and analytical mind across a range of subject areas.

    “Research also shows that development of artistic talents can positively affect student motivation and play a role in increasing retention rates in schools.”

    Creative Connections is the result of a two-year consultation process involving 176 individuals and organisations from the arts and education sectors and local and State Government agencies.

    The consultation process included a forum with young people, a survey with 37 arts and cultural organisations and public meetings across the State.

    A forum is planned for early 2005 for the arts and culture and education and training sectors to highlight the importance of the arts in education.

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