Clive Brown

Clive Brown

Former Minister for State Development

    Barnett to mine uranium in WA

    7/01/2005 3:15 PM

    Colin Barnett supported uranium mining when he was Resources Development Minister in the Court Government and would allow uranium to be mined if elected to Government.

    State Development Minister Clive Brown revealed details of Mr Barnett’s position today, referring to an article in The West Australian on August 18, 1999, where he said:
      ‘I believe that uranium mining can and should take place in WA’.

    Mr Brown said uranium mining remained a key point of difference between the Gallop Government and Colin Barnett.

    “Make no mistake, a vote for Colin Barnett at the State election will be a vote for uranium mining in Western Australia,” the Minister said.

    “When Colin Barnett was Resources Development Minister in the Court Government, he supported the establishment of a uranium mining industry in WA.

    “With Shadow Resources Development Minister Norman Moore recently saying that the Liberals would look at uranium mining applications on a case-by-case basis, it is clear that the Liberal Party’s position has not changed and they still support uranium mining in WA.”

    Mr Brown said the Gallop Government had prohibited the mining of uranium in June 2002, had passed legislation to ban a nuclear waste dump being established in WA in 2004 and remained committed to ensuring WA remained radioactive free.

    “The choice for Western Australians is now clear,” he said.

    “If you want WA to continue its current balance of strong economic growth and being nuclear free, re-elect the Gallop Labor Government.”

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