Bob Kucera

Bob Kucera

Former Minister for Disability Services; Sport and Recreation; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests; Seniors

    WA an obvious choice for next Super 14 rugby team: Minister

    12/11/2004 2:45 PM

    Sport and Recreation Minister Bob Kucera today declared Perth should be named the home of the next Super 14 competition rugby union team because of its obvious advantages over Melbourne.

    “Any Western Australian can tell you the weather is far better in Perth than it is in Melbourne, for starters,” Mr Kucera said.

    “We have strong local support from a united rugby public who, despite their mixed countries of origin, are resolute in their efforts to see WA win the bid.

    “Our location as a staging point for games between South Africa and New Zealand is also another benefit WA has in its bid.”

    The Minister said he had met several high profile South African businessmen and members of the South African Government during the highly successful rugby World Cup 2003. They had stated their preference for WA as the home of a Super 14 team, given its proximity to South Africa and the large ex-patriot community who would support games in Perth.

    Other Western Australians had also been giving their support at community and official events.

    Mr Kucera said the public would have their chance to show how strong support was for a WA team at a rally on Sunday at Subiaco at 11am.

    “A Super 14 team in Perth would prove to be a significant boost to the development of rugby union in this State,” he said.

    “It would also bring long-term social and economic benefits in a range of areas, including the international exposure WA would gain through television coverage.

    “The State Government’s $25million commitment to upgrade Members Equity Stadium - should WA win the bid - has been based on sound financial management over the past four years.

    “Balanced Budgets mean we can provide this support for the WA bid and provide a world class facility for the use of Perth Glory and other rectangular-field sports into the future."

    Minister's office: 9213 7000