Bob Kucera

Bob Kucera

Former Minister for Disability Services; Sport and Recreation; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests; Seniors

    Indigenous traineeships offered for WA's visitor centres

    4/11/2004 12:32 PM

    Tourism Minister Bob Kucera today launched a $260,000 indigenous traineeship scheme at visitor centres to boost Western Australia’s growing indigenous tourism industry.

    “This is a unique program that will increase the number of indigenous people in the tourism industry and provide valuable additional staffing for visitor centres around the State,” Mr Kucera said.

    “Visitor centres are at the frontline of tourism. There are 101 centres across WA that service millions of people each year and help our visitors to have the best possible experience.

    “Indigenous culture is a huge attraction for tourists - especially overseas visitors looking for an authentic Australian experience - and it is important that we increase the number of indigenous people working across the industry.”

    Karen Jacobs, chair of the WA Indigenous Tourism Operators Committee, has welcomed the new initiative.

    “This is a great step forward in employing indigenous people within the wider tourism industry, as well as supporting the indigenous tourism sector," she said.

    All visitor centres are eligible to apply for the scheme and would receive funding support from Tourism Western Australia and the Federal Department of Employment and Workplace Relations to appoint a trainee for 12 months.

    The scheme is part of a $3.7million State Government commitment to visitor servicing following the Visitor Servicing Study, which outlined how best to serve the information needs of the State’s domestic and international visitors.

    The State Government funding will be used to increase visitor centre accreditation and for staff training and facility upgrades, online reservation systems and marketing.

    The Hospitality and Tourism Industry Training Council will provide a vital mentoring role for the trainees.

    Visitor centres are encouraged to apply for funding by completing a registration form available through the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Training Council at

    Applications will be assessed as they are received, with the final cut-off for applications on January 15, 2005, subject to availability of funds.

    Minister's office: 9213 7000