Bob Kucera

Bob Kucera

Former Minister for Disability Services; Sport and Recreation; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests; Seniors

    New report focuses on job prospects for Peel's indigenous community

    6/10/2004 2:30 PM

    The State Government has released a landmark report identifying ways to boost the employment prospects of Peel’s indigenous community.

    Peel and the South-West Minister Bob Kucera presented the report to Mandurah Youth Commitment at Fairbridge in Pinjarra today.

    Last year, a two-day forum called Breaking the Barriers - Making It Happen was convened to address poor rates of Aboriginal employment in the region.

    “The objective of the employment forum was to focus on local industry’s requirements for training and employment,” Mr Kucera said.

    “It identified ways to enhance the potential for Aboriginal people to successfully gain full-time employment and economic independence.”

    The Minister said 10 recommendations from the forum had been identified as prerequisites for the implementation of successful Aboriginal employment strategies in the Peel region.

    Mandurah Youth Commitment has been tasked with co-ordinating a stakeholder group, which will work to achieve the recommendations contained in the report.

    “This is the first time that a strategy has been developed according to a region’s needs - reflecting the training needs of industry specific to Peel,” Mr Kucera said.

    “In that sense, the report represents a watershed in the way we look at issues surrounding indigenous employment.”

    Participants in the forum were drawn from the local Aboriginal community, and representatives from local industry, commerce and trade and State and local governments.

    The Department of Education and Training is responsible for the initiative with strong support from the Peel Development Commission.

    Minister's office: 9213 7000