Bob Kucera

Bob Kucera

Former Minister for Disability Services; Sport and Recreation; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests; Seniors

    Back Beach milestone reached

    5/07/2004 11:15 AM

    South-West Minister Bob Kucera today presented a $638,000 cheque to the City of Bunbury for the completion of two milestones of the Back Beach Coastal Enhancement Project.

    At Bunbury’s Back Beach, Mr Kucera said that the appointment of a project manager and design consultants was part of stage two of the project.

    “The consultants have been appointed by the Bunbury City Council and are specialists in coastal engineering, landscape architecture and civil engineering,” he said.

    “The State Government has provided $7million to help fund the project and the bottom line is I want them to get on with the job.

    “The people of Bunbury have been waiting for protection and enhancement of their Back Beach and that is the very least that they expect.”

    Extensive public consultation has been undertaken on the project culminating in public support for the construction of a sea wall to protect the shore-based infrastructure from storm damage.

    The concept plan, endorsed by Bunbury City Council following the public comment period, includes:
    • removal of the western carriageway on Ocean Drive and upgrading of the eastern carriageway to a boulevard;
    • reclamation of foreshore area for passive recreation;
    • consolidated car parking;
    • establishment of a native revegetated dune system over the shoreline protection barrier;
    • widened dual use paths, landscaping, picnic areas, barbeques, seating, improved beach access and underground power; and
    • a reduction in stormwater outlets using a water sensitive design.
    Construction will commence in October and conclude in May, 2005.

    Minister's office: 9213 7000