Judy Edwards

Judy Edwards

Former Minister for the Environment; Science

    State Government heritage lists Old Butter Factory, Busselton

    27/12/2002 10:40 AM

    The State’s oldest butter factory, the Old Butter Factory in Busselton, has been interim listed in the State Government’s Register of Heritage Places.

    Environment and Heritage Minister Dr Judy Edwards said the heritage listing recognised the unique architectural and social qualities associated with the site.

    “The place is the oldest of only seven known examples of early butter factory buildings in the State," Dr Edwards said.

    “The factory demonstrates post world war one industrial architecture of a simple, robust form reflecting its earlier manufacturing function.

    “The place was crucial to the early development of Busselton, the local dairy industry and contributed to the local and regional economy.

    “It was important in assisting Western Australia’s dairy industry to become self-sufficient and in making dairying viable outside the Perth metropolitan area.

    “The growth of the dairy industry was also assisted by an increase in dairy farming in the region as result of a post world war one group settlement scheme in the South-West."

    Dr Edwards said the factory was important in the supply of long life dairy products to areas over long distances and in producing ice before the availability of domestic refrigerators.

    “The place was built in 1918 by the State Government to replace an earlier 1898 dairy, which was the first butter factory to be established in Western Australia," she said.

    “While the place ceased to serve as a butter factory in 1975, it contributed to the development of Busselton’s tourism industry by re-opening as a museum.

    “The tourist attraction continues to operate as a museum and research centre for the local historical society.”

    Minister's office: 9220 5050