Judy Edwards

Judy Edwards

Former Minister for the Environment; Science

    Minister heritage lists Lady Lawley Cottage in Cottesloe

    10/12/2002 10:00 AM

    A house that has catered for the health needs of children for nearly 100 years, the Lady Lawley Cottage in Cottesloe, has been interim listed in the State Government’s Register of Heritage Places.

    Environment and Heritage Minister Dr Judy Edwards said the heritage listing recognised the unique architectural and social qualities associated with the site.

    “Constructed in 1903, Lady Lawley Cottage is a single-storey rock-faced limestone house built in accordance with Federation Bungalow style,” Dr Edwards said.

    “It operated at little cost to parents and was significant in the development of institutional care for young and disabled people in Western Australia.

    “The place was constructed at the suggestion of Lady Annie Allen Lawley, wife of Sir Arthur Lawley, the Governor of Western Australia from 1901 -1902 and was named in recognition of her assistance to various charitable movements in the State.

    “It is one of a suite of convalescence facilities established by philanthropists in Cottesloe, in close proximity to the sea, due to the perceived health benefits of such a location.”

    Dr Edwards said the building was used as a convalescent home for women personnel from the Australian Women’s Land Army and the Merchant Navy during World War Two and was associated with the Australian Red Cross Society, which had managed the place since 1944.

    “It is important for the many children who have received care through its facilities, for their families and carers, and for the staff and community volunteers who have been involved in the place,” the Minister said.

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