Alannah MacTiernan

Alannah MacTiernan

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

Geoff Gallop

Geoff Gallop

Former Premier; Minister for Public Sector Management; Water Resources; Federal Affairs

    Railcar contract seals railway commitment

    12/05/2002 9:50 AM

    The Gallop Government’s commitment to the construction of the South-West Metropolitan Railway was forged in steel today with the signing of a $437million railcar contract.

    Premier Geoff Gallop and Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan announced the award of the contract to the EDI Rail - Bombardier Transportation Pty Ltd Joint Venture.

    Dr Gallop said that awarding the contract heralded the commencement in earnest of the long-awaited South-West Metropolitan Railway.

    “The contract includes $172million to be spent within Western Australia and will generate an estimated 1,000 direct and indirect jobs over 15 years,” he said.

    “This is a major milestone in the Government’s commitment to double the existing railway and provide a high-speed, rail link between Perth and its south-western suburbs.

    “New trains and infrastructure for the South-West Metropolitan Railway mean the Perth urban rail network will maintain its status as a world class public transport network.”

    Ms MacTiernan said the contract for 31 three-car sets (93 railcars), their maintenance and a railcar depot at Nowergup would be the largest single contract for the entire rail project.

    “These railcars incorporate the latest technology and will travel at speeds of up to 130km per hour with a high level of passenger comfort ,” she said.

    “They will complete the 72km journey between and Mandurah and Perth in 48 minutes.”

    Ms MacTiernan said the initial batch of railcars for the northern suburbs extension to Clarkson was to be commissioned by September 2004, with the remainder to enter service as the rail extensions to Thornlie and Mandurah were completed.

    She said the South-West Metropolitan Railway was expected to be operational by 2006.

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    Work For Western Australia

    The Gallop Government's commitment to maximising the amount of work completed in Western Australia has resulted in $172million worth of work for Western Australia coming from the railcar contract. This $172million is broken down as follows:
    • $24million for railcar construction;
    • $34million for depot construction; and
    • $114million for railcar maintenance over 15 years.
    A review last year of manufacturing sector impacts conducted by Australian Economic Consultants Pty. Ltd. indicates that the $58million worth of manufacturing work in Western Australia from the railcar and depot construction is expected to create over 250 direct jobs and 750 indirect jobs.

    EDI Rail - Bombardier has estimated it will employ approximately 40 personnel in maintaining the railcars with the majority employed at the new Nowergup Depot.

    Further flow-on effects during the maintenance period will result in additional work being completed in Western Australia. This work will consist of providing support services during the maintenance term.

    In addition to the $172million of work to be completed in WA as part of the contract, EDI Rail - Bombardier has agreed to enter into a Counter-trade Agreement commensurate to the value of 30 per cent of the imported content of the contracts, which is approximately $30million.

    Countertrade Agreements deliver additional economic benefits to the State, such as the export of goods and services, technology transfer and inward investment.

    Tenderers are invited to enhance their bids by making an offer to enter into a Countertrade Agreement as part of their tender where there is a significant amount of imported content.

    EDI Rail - Bombardier will soon launch a web site dedicated to providing access to manufacturers in WA. Packages of work will be advertised for access by WA companies on the web to participate in the supply of manufactured components for the vehicle. This will maximise WA business involvement in the project.

    Bombardier and EDI Rail have agreed to work with the Department of Industry and Technology and Industrial Supplies Office of WA to identify companies interested in participating in this project.

    Bombardier has also committed to assist local companies to gain access into the global supply chain of Bombardier, generating valuable export dollars for Western Australia.

    This project is providing real opportunities for skilled Australians, and will employ the most modern-manufacturing techniques for railcars yet seen in this country.

    Features of New Railcars

    The new railcars will have a maximum operating speed of 130km/hr enabling the journey from Perth to Mandurah to be completed within 48 minutes inclusive of eight intermediate stops along the way. All systems on the railcars will be controlled by an advanced on board computer.

    The railcars will provide an enhanced level of passenger safety and comfort with the following features incorporated:
    • Digital Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) - the passenger compartments will be covered by four camera with the images being continually recorded;
    • Passenger information Displays - all route information such as the next station will be displayed on these signs; and
    • Access For People with Disabilities - audio loops will be installed to allow people with hearing aids to access all messages played over the Public Address system and four bays per passenger compartment will be installed for use by people in wheelchairs or with prams etc. Two of these bays will be extended to cater for bicycles also.
    The railcars will be designed and built in Australia, at EDI Rail - Bombardier Transportation's Queensland facilities in Brisbane and Maryborough.

    About EDI Rail - Bombardier

    EDI Rail - Bombardier Transportation Pty Ltd is a joint venture between Downer EDI's rail division, EDI Rail Pty Ltd and the global transport manufacturer Bombardier Transportation. EDI Rail - Bombardier Transportation Pty Ltd, under previous ownership, has been operating in Australia for over 25 years and has manufactured all of Perth's current electric railcar fleet to date.

    Downer EDI has mining, infrastructure maintenance and manufacturing interests in Western Australia, and EDI Rail already have a significant presence in Perth at Forrestfield. However, Bombardier, who are major players in the aerospace industry as suppliers of business jets and recreational products (including Lear jet and SeeDoo products), will now have a significant presence in Perth as a result of winning this tender.

    The initial batch of railcars for the Northern suburbs extension to Clarkson is anticipated to be delivered by September 2004, with the remainder to enter service as the rail extensions to Thornlie and Mandurah are completed.