Graham Kierath

Graham Kierath


    Port Kennedy golf course reopened to public

    2/02/2001 2:25 PM

    The golf course at Port Kennedy near Rockingham has been officially reopened to the public.

    Planning Minister Graham Kierath was joined by golf professional Ian Baker-Finch in re-opening the rejuvenated course this morning.

    Mr Baker-Finch heads up The Golf Club group, which has taken a sub-lease to get the neglected Port Kennedy facility back in operation, as well as build a second 18-hole course, clubhouses and associated facilities.

    Mr Kierath said the involvement of The Golf Club group would help ensure that the course - designed by Mr Baker-Finch - became a world-class facility.

    He said the respected golfing magazine, Golfing Australia, had already ranked the Port Kennedy course among its top 25 courses in the country.

    “It was the only course on the list which did not have a club house,” the Minister said.

    “You would have to expect it would be considered even more favourably once these facilities are in place.

    “If the Port Kennedy project is going to become the tourist destination that it is intended then the development and promotion of the golf course is paramount.”

    Late last year Mr Kierath served a notice of default on the resort developers – Port Kennedy Resorts Pty Ltd (PKR) - giving them 90 days to remedy the nine points raised in the notice or risk losing their rights to the project.

    The agreement to develop the Port Kennedy resort project was ratified by an Act of Parliament in 1992. Under the agreement PKR would provide various resort facilities in exchange for State-owned land to develop.

    Mr Kierath said the 90-day period expired on February 13 but PKR had opted to have the issues addressed by an independent arbitrator that would need to be agreed to by both parties.

    He said the situation with PKR would not impact on the Government’s agreement with The Golf Club group which was also developing facilities in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

    “Whatever the outcome is with PKR, the Port Kennedy project is again moving forward to provide the facilities that the community expects,” the Minister said.

    “The work on the golf course can only help ensure that Port Kennedy will develop into a world-class facility which attracts visitors to the area.”

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