Graham Kierath

Graham Kierath


    Heritage grant funds historic book

    8/02/2001 11:12 AM

    Heritage funding that normally pays for restoration work to significant buildings has for the first time been used to publish a book.

    Heritage Minister Graham Kierath today presented a $9000 heritage grant to publishers University of Western Australia Press for the book Between Devotion and Design - The Architecture of John Cyril Hawes 1876 - 1956.

    Mr Kierath said each year about $1 million is distributed through the Heritage Grants Program to encourage and assist in the preservation of our State’s heritage.

    “Normally the grants are used by groups and individuals to restore heritage buildings or to establish conservation plans,” Mr Kierath said.

    “This is the first time that the funds have been used to help publish a book and demonstrates that retaining and preserving our heritage goes far beyond just building works.”

    Mr Kierath said the book by John Taylor told the story of the life and work of renowned priest and architect John Cyril Hawes and provided an important insight into the development of Western Australia.

    “The life and work of John Cyril Hawes has impacted on thousands of people around the world as well as in our State,” Mr Kierath said.

    “The publication of Between Devotion and Design will allow many more people to witness and enjoy his contribution to our history.”

    Mr Kierath said the book qualified for funding under the guidance of the Publication of Rare Materials subcommittee set up in 1999 by the Heritage Council.

    He said to qualify publications must be related to the functions of the Heritage Council and be of value to heritage professionals.

    “This book deserves funding support because it is closely related to heritage issues and would be of great value to heritage professionals such as architects, scholars and general readers alike,” Mr Kierath said.

    Born in London, John Cyril Hawes was transferred to various posts as a Catholic priest and lived in Western Australia from 1915 to 1939.

    Among his many designs in Western Australia are the Christian Brothers Agricultural School in the mid-west town of Tardun, built 1936 and St Francis Xavier Cathedral in Geraldton, built 1938. Both are State heritage listed.

    “His designs can be seen around the globe, from the mid-west of WA to the south of England and even the Caribbean,” Mr Kierath said.

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