Monty House

Monty House


    World-class management of our fisheries

    16/01/2001 1:27 PM

    Fisheries WA is recognised as a world leader in fisheries management and research and development, with a strong commitment to the protection of our fish resources and this will continue to be a priority in the next term of government, Fisheries Minister Monty House said today.

    Mr House said Fisheries WA was the prime agency for delivering Government services to commercial fishers, anglers and aquaculturalists and during the past eight years the agency’s strategic directions had been reshaped, in partnership with industry.

    “These efforts and achievements significantly underpin the commercial and recreational fishing catch rates, aquaculture start up capacities and fish and fish habitat planning,” the Minister said.

    “The Coalition Government has embarked on a program of improving staff and client facilities which has helped personnel to deliver appropriate services directly to its client base.

    “The balance between environmental protection and income generation is now a key focus of the agency. This focus was internationally recognised when the Western Rock Lobster Fishery received a world first accreditation by the Marine Stewardship Council.

    “Fisheries WA will continue to support commercial fisheries to gain sustainability accreditation through the Marine Stewardship Council or other ecosystem-based accreditation programs. This recognition will allow us to capitalize on world market demand for fish products that have been produced in a sustainable and clean and green environment.

    “The establishment of an international standard research and development centre will have applications to State and national fisheries management and marine resource opportunities which will be invaluable to the vital work of Fisheries WA, other aquatic resource management agencies and industry in protecting and developing our resources.”

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