Richard Court

Richard Court


    Two new sets of fuel regulations come into effect

    2/01/2001 11:52 AM

    Fuels sold in Western Australia, already the cleanest in the nation, have become even cleaner with new regulations now in place.

    Pumping the first litre of the cleaner fuels at Gull Petroleum’s Burswood service station this morning to recognise its 25th anniversary, Premier Richard Court said that the second phase of the State Government’s Clean Fuel Regulations required even stricter standards on toxic constituents in fuels.

    The new regulations came into effect from yesterday, January 1, 2001.

    Last year, Western Australia became the first State to remove lead from petrol and require reduction in sulphur and benzene contents in fuel.

    Now Western Australia will become the first state to adopt stricter standards for petrol which will require:

    • the maximum allowed benzene content in petrol to be halved to one per cent;
    • lead to be more than halved from 0.013 grams per litre to 0.005 grams per litre; and -
    • changes to the Reid Vapour Pressure which will see the rate of petrol evaporation on a sunny day, which is a contributor to smog, cut from 72 kilopascals to 67 kilopascals.

    Mr Court said the further reductions reflected the State Government’s ongoing commitment to better air quality and the protection of public health.

    “Last year, we made big gains towards cleaner air including the introduction of the nation’s toughest fuel regulations, incentives for LPG conversions, and the release of the Perth Air Quality Management Plan,” he said.

    “The stricter standards which have now come into place will play an important role in protecting people from fuel emissions and leaving future generations a cleaner environment.”

    New laws have also come into effect which require retailers of petroleum products to advise a change in fuel prices by 2pm the day before they are made.

    This will affect retailers in the Perth metropolitan area and at more than 20 country locations on standard unleaded petrol, premium unleaded petrol, lead replacement petrol (super), diesel and LPG Autogas.

    From 5pm today, motorists will be able to log on to the FuelWatch price monitoring website at

    Daily location and price information will also be advertised in the West Australian newspaper and the Sunday Times, and supplied to community newspapers and radio stations in Perth and regional areas.

    In the near future, a 1300 telephone service will also be available.

    The Premier said it would be an offence for a motor fuel retailer to change the standard retail price at which fuel was offered for sale unless the retailer had advised the Prices Commissioner of the new price by 2pm the day before the fuel was intended to be offered for sale at the ‘new’ price.

    Penalties were up to $4,000 for an individual and $10,000 for a corporation for each separate offence.

    Mr Court said officers from the Ministry of Fair Trading had been appointed to undertake a monitoring and compliance role in addition to receiving information and complaints from consumers.

    Media contacts:
    Justine Whittome, Premier’s office, 9222 9475
    Mike Winchester, Ministry of Fair Trading, 9282 0961