Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    Swan River to benefit from Ascot Infill Sewerage project

    15/01/2001 8:17 PM

    Homes in a low lying area of Ascot very close to the Swan River will be able to connect to reticulated sewerage under a new project announced today by Water Resources Minister Dr Kim Hames.

    The $200,000 project will provide sewerage to about 32 properties in the general area of Fauntleroy Avenue.

    Dr Hames welcomed the latest initiative under the State Government's $800 million Infill Sewerage Program for providing valuable protection to the sensitive riverfront environment.

    "Already this summer we've seen the onset of algal blooms in some of our rivers and estuaries," the Minister said.

    "While hot weather is the key factor, we must do everything we can to control other factors, like nutrients in septic tank run-off, which also has the potential to contribute to this environmental hazard."

    The project would also provide essential protection for groundwater resources and give local residents the benefits of a modern, virtually maintenance-free sewerage system.

    Dr Hames said contractor Scotrac Drainage and Excavator Hire had commenced construction of the gravity sewers. The project should be finished by the end of March in plenty of time for residents to make the connection before any winter rains.

    "As with so many other householders around the State, they'll notice a huge improvement after the usual winter problems of blocked and overflowing septic tanks."

    The Minister said more than 54,000 properties in city and country areas had now been sewered in the $800 million Infill Sewerage Program.

    "When we began this very significant infrastructure program in July 1994, around one quarter of Perth homes were still relying on septic tanks - and in some country areas, the figure was as high as 45 per cent,” he said.

    "It has been an outstanding success in protecting the environment and public health, and improving the everyday lifestyle of so many Western Australians."

    Dr Hames urged homeowners in the project area to connect to the new system as soon as possible.

    For more information, contact Water Corporation Project Manager Sean Tonkin on 9420 2673.

    Media contact: Sandy Gater, Minister’s office, 9424 7450