Monty House

Monty House


    Sustainable farming for the long term

    16/01/2001 1:12 PM

    The Coalition Government places a high priority on supporting programs and initiatives that secure the viability of productive land, agriculture and rural communities, Primary Industry Minister Monty House said today.

    “Stewardship of the agricultural environment is becoming increasingly important to ensure the sustainability of our natural resources and market access,” Mr House said.

    “The on-farm landcare efforts Western Australian farmers have undertaken is to be applauded.

    “This huge effort has also been complemented by the Coalition Government’s Salinity Strategy that has spearheaded a State-wide assault on tackling salinity and protecting the natural diversity and rural infrastructure.

    “The Government’s landcare initiatives have been, and will continue to be, developed through community-driven strategies and partnerships that acknowledge the specific needs of individual regions, ensuring that money hits the ground where needed.

    “Implementation of the Salinity Strategy will continue in the next term of government, with increased research on the full range of mechanisms which manage land degradation, including drainage and other engineering solutions, salt-tolerant plant species and perennial pastures and crops that use more water.

    “In addition, the Government will support the dynamic WA No Tillage Farmers Association by providing $300,000 over two years to assist them in developing cropping practices that minimise soil disturbance.

    “I also recognise the importance of providing special support for farmers who have been prevented from clearing their land or who need assistance with the costs of managing large areas of bush, consequently a ‘Special Assistance Scheme’, in conjunction with the Commonwealth Government, will be funded.

    “We will also implement a new concept, ‘Farm Bush’, which will build on the Remnant Vegetation Protection Scheme and provide funding for the protection and establishment of native vegetation.

    “To assist farmers to capitalise on market trends towards sustainable agriculture, Environmental Management Systems will be developed with farmers.”

    Mr House said the Coalition Government would continue to provide strong support and leadership on sustainable rural development to secure quality lifestyles and livelihoods for all Western Australians.

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