Richard Court

Richard Court


    Strong WA employment figures encouraging: Premier.

    11/01/2001 11:33 AM

    Western Australia’s unemployment rate has fallen to 5.9 per cent – the best of all Australian States with the December level equalling the lowest rate since November 1989.

    Premier Richard Court said the latest figures painted a most encouraging picture for the Western Australian economy.

    “These results show that our employment is strong and we want to make it even stronger,” Mr Court said.

    “Significantly, we have reached an all time record of more than one million people participating in the labour force, an increase of 8,700 people and proof of strong confidence among job seekers,” Mr Court said.

    “I am also pleased to report that there are more women employed in Western Australia than ever before, with 417,100 in work – up from 408,000 in November. There also are a record number of women in full-time work – 222, 200.

    “Since the Coalition Government came into office in February 1993, a total of 203,500 jobs have been created in this State.

    “During December, Western Australia accounted for more than one third of the nation’s employment growth, with 14,400 new jobs created. The total number of people employed reached a record of 943,800.

    “This is a strong performance and most importantly, it is consistently strong – over the term of the Coalition Government we have seen the results of sound economic management deliver the best employment conditions in more than a decade.

    “We cannot risk a return to the days of the double-figure unemployment rates experienced under Labor.”

    The non-seasonally adjusted youth unemployment rate in Western Australia rose from 22 per cent in November to 23.9 per cent last month.

    Mr Court said a slight increase had been expected in the youth unemployment rate with the influx of school leavers on the job market, however the rate was still the second lowest of all the States.

    “The Coalition is committed to helping create employment opportunities for our young people and we are working hard to ensure that people receive the education and training that is required to equip them with the skills to gain employment,” he said.

    The National unemployment rate remained at 6.6 per cent during December. The National youth unemployment rate was 23.2 per cent, up from 22.1 per cent the previous month.

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