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Murray Criddle


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Richard Court


    State Government announces 'black spot' funding for South-West roads

    4/01/2001 10:00 AM

    Premier Richard Court today announced funding of more than $2 million to eliminate ‘black spots’ on roads in the South-West.

    Visiting Bunbury, Mr Court said the funds would ensure that safety improvements would be carried out at trouble spots and potentially hazardous locations in the region this financial year.

    The announcement is part of the Government’s commitment to implement a range of safety works at almost 200 locations around Western Australia under the State’s $13 million Black Spot Program.

    Mr Court said a similar amount would be spent annually around WA over the next four years as part of major assault on the State’s road toll.

    He said half the black spot funding pool would be spent on local government roads and the remainder on State highways and other major roads.

    “$1.135 million will be spent in this financial year to eliminate 19 ‘black spots’ on local government roads in the South-West and a further $892,900 on safety projects on State highways and other major roads in the region,” the Premier said.

    “In August this year we announced the broad terms of our ongoing commitment to making the State’s roads safer and I’m pleased that we have now been able to implement the program.

    “A great deal of community consultation has gone into this program which covers a wide range of safety measures from roadside signage to major works at intersections and town streets.

    “We have worked closely with local government and organisations such as the RAC to identify the priority tasks and I’m sure the community will embrace this road safety program.”

    Transport Minister Murray Criddle said that WA Regional Road Groups would notify local government councils of projects to be funded and completed in 2000-2001.

    Mr Criddle said that the State Black Spot Program included 116 projects on local roads in rural WA and a further 76 local road projects in the metropolitan area.

    Each project would be funded on a two thirds/one third contribution by Main Roads and the relevant local council.

    “In addition to the local roads allocation, another $6.5 million will be spent by the State Government on State highways and other main roads throughout WA, with funds equally divided between metropolitan and country areas,” Mr Criddle said.

    “Main Roads and local government authorities are committed to improving road safety and I anticipate that both will continue to spend similar amounts on road safety over the next three years.”

    Local Government Roads

    In the South-West, 19 projects costing of $1.135 million have received Black Spot funds in 2000-01:

    In Bunbury: (five projects)
    • reconstruction of service road and median alterations, Sandridge Road/Hennessy Road intersection - $50,000;
    • new drainage line, Sandridge Road - $100,000;
    • path under Collie River Bridge, Old Coast Road, and construct dual use paths - $66,000;
    • improve Blair Street drainage to prevent flooding - $145,000; and -
    • improvements to the intersection of Washington Avenue and Bussell Highway - $100,000.

    At Busselton, Queen Elizabeth Avenue, the school bus bay will be extended
    40m, brick paving will be installed in the vicinity of schools and traffic calming and street lighting will be installed - $106,500.

    In Capel, the Picton-Boyanup Road/Hurst Road intersection will be improved - $79,800.

    In Dardanup, there will be a bus bay and other improvements at the Boyanup/Carinya Roads intersection ($12,500) and tree pruning on Ironside Road ($10,000) to improve driver visibility.

    At Donnybrook, Emerald Street will be traffic calmed - $60,000.
    The median island will be extended and kerbing and school bus parking upgraded at the Elva Street-Georgette Drive-Forest Street intersection in the Augusta-Margaret River area - $120,000.

    In Bridgetown-Greenbushes, a roundabout will be installed at the intersection of Gifford and Blechynda Streets ($30,000) and there will be tree pruning and other works to improve sight distances on various roads ($12,500).

    At Mandurah, power poles will be removed at the intersection of Coolibah and Third Avenues - $40,000, and the intersection of Gordon Road and Seminole Avenue will be upgraded - $101,100.

    The intersection of Burnside Road with the Pinjarra-Williams Road will be reconstructed and widened in the Murray Shire - $90,000.

    At Harvey, the Old Coast Road-Marine Drive intersection will be upgraded - $36,000.

    In Nannup, existing school bus bays will be upgraded and some new ones constructed on school routes ($40,500) and pedestrian refuge islands will be constructed in Warren Road ($8,700).

    State Highways and Major Roads

    In the South-West, a total of $892,900 will be allocated to safety measures on highways and major roads:
    • South-Western Highway/Graphite road intersection - $120,000;
    • Bussell Highway improvements at Yowsa Bowsa entrance - $30,000;
    • Bussell Highway /Boodjidup Road intersection - construct roundabout - $200,000;
    • Bussell Highway/Caves Road intersection - $85,000;
    • South Western Highway/Hynes Road/Martin Pelusey Road intersection - $257,900; and -
    • Commonage Road/Caves Road intersection-construct roundabout - $200,000.

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