Kevin Prince

Kevin Prince


    Seven new firefighting vehicles ready for action: Minister

    3/01/2001 1:10 PM

    Seven new light tanker firefighting appliances are due off the production line in Perth this week as part of a fleet renewal program for the Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA).

    Emergency Services Minister Kevin Prince was on hand at FESA's Technical Services workshops today to see the vehicles on their way. They will be delivered over the next week.

    Mt Barker, scene of a major bush fire last week, is among the communities that will receive a new appliance.

    Others will be delivered to Maddington, Daglish, Merredin, Dongara, Mandurah and Harvey.

    The Minister said FESA was to acquire 27 of the four-wheel drive light tanker vehicles this financial year - the third year in a $5.4 million four-year contract. A total of 72 light tankers were being supplied to Fire and Rescue Fire Service stations round the State as part of the program.

    Each vehicle is valued at $75,000 and comes equipped with a 500-litre water tank, 20 litres of foam and a diesel-powered centrifugal pump. Hoses are mounted at front and rear and there is also a driver's hose line, for use directly from the cab.

    The units are being supplied through Technifire 2000 in Perth - 25 are based on the new single cab 79 series Toyota chassis and two will be based on a Landrover crew-cab chassis.

    Mr Prince said the light tanker replacement program was part of an on-going upgrading program that would ensure that career and volunteer firefighters in Western Australia's Fire and Rescue Service maintained modern firefighting fleets.

    "The Government is committed to ensuring both metropolitan and regional centres are well protected," he said.

    The light tanker appliances are specially designed to provide an off-road capability for the Fire and Rescue Service in combating structural or bush fires.

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