Kim Hames

Kim Hames


    Second infill sewerage project for Mount Barker

    25/01/2001 3:00 PM

    Local industry in Mount Barker will gain access to greater supplies of treated wastewater under a $1.43 million Infill Sewerage Project that began recently.

    "As well as providing vital protection for the environment by replacing inefficient septic tanks, the State Government's Infill Sewerage Program offers many other benefits to the community," Water Resources Minister Dr Kim Hames said.

    "For instance, it can provide high quality treated wastewater as an alternative to expensive scheme water, where potable quality is not a key issue.

    "A local viticulture enterprise has been the forerunner in reusing treated wastewater made available by the Water Corporation in Mount Barker.

    "Now we anticipate there will be more interest from other industries keen to make use of this valuable resource as it grows in volume."

    Dr Hames said that over the past six years more than 54,000 properties under the Coalition Government’s $800 million,10-year Infill Sewerage Program have been sewered with huge benefits to our environment, our public health and the convenience of individual householders.

    The latest infill project in Mt Barker would serve 150 properties in two areas, one bounded by Ormond Road, and Martins, Parsons and Dean Streets and the other between Jackson and Ormond Roads.

    Construction work on five kilometres of reticulated sewer, a 700m pressure main and a large underground pump station has now begun.

    Dr Hames welcomed the close involvement of the local community in the project.

    "There's already good support, and it's pleasing to see the Water Corporation is inviting a community representative to remain closely involved with day-to-day progress,” he said.

    "A strong relationship is important because this is going to be a fairly difficult project. Large amounts of rock will need to be removed, resulting in unavoidable noise and dust, but the corporation has undertaken to minimise the nuisance to residents as much as possible.

    "The timing of the project is part of that commitment, with construction work scheduled over summer and autumn so that residents can connect before next winter's rains.”

    Experienced Infill Sewerage Program contractor Albany Drainage and Construction Pty Ltd is carrying out the construction work.

    "It's another example of the State Government's commitment to the Buy Local initiative where we employ experienced and successful regional businesses which also have the advantage of local knowledge," Dr Hames said.

    He said Albany Drainage and Construction Pty Ltd had established a track record of effective community liaison and excellent restoration work at the completion of projects.

    For more information contact Water Corporation Project Manager Roger Nilson on 9846 4134.

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