June van de Klashorst

June van de Klashorst


    Research shows Western Australians consider families and communities important

    7/01/2001 6:00 AM

    The family is alive and well and a majority of people feel part of their local community, according to research commissioned by the Family and Children’s Policy Office.

    Family and Children’s Services Minister June van de Klashorst said 70 per cent of those surveyed felt strongly connected with their family while more than 60 per cent felt they were part of their local community.

    “The survey found that 93 per cent of respondents enjoyed the time they spent together as a family while 97 per cent said their family members really cared for each other,” Mrs van de Klashorst said.

    “These findings prove that the family is the most significant institution in our community and reinforces the Government’s commitment to initiatives that strengthen and support families.

    “Building strong families helps build strong communities.”

    The Western Australian Family Attitudes Survey 2000 sought to find out how strongly connected the respondents felt to their family and to their community, how often they took part in community activities and how family friendly they found the organisations they dealt with.

    Mrs van de Klashorst said the survey found 70 per cent of respondents took part in some form of community activity and the vast majority (89 per cent) used community facilities such as community centres, libraries, parks or swimming pools.

    “Forty per cent were volunteers in the community with almost a quarter undertaking volunteer work frequently,” she said.

    “The survey also asked interviewees how family friendly they found the organisations they dealt with, including their workplace.

    “Non-profit organisations were the most family friendly, followed by businesses, local government and Government organisations.

    “More than two thirds of interviewees were happy with the flexibility of their working arrangements and with their employer’s encouragement to meet their family responsibilities. However, only 40 per cent were satisfied with the family care arrangements offered by their employer.

    “The Five Year Plan for Families and Children recently released by the Government has strategies designed to improve the family friendliness of customer services and workplace practices.”

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