Monty House

Monty House


    Profiting through the quality food chain

    16/01/2001 1:17 PM

    A Coalition Government would provide $4 million to deliver a food industry development strategy, Primary Industry Minister Monty House said.

    The strategy will develop opportunities through the production, post-harvest handling, transporting, processing and retailing phases.

    “The business of agriculture provides for an integrated food and fibre value chain from the farm to the consumer and we need to refine and develop the stages to ensure profitability within the sector, “ Mr House said.

    “This Government has been pro-active in facilitating a more efficient and profitable food chain through a number of agri-food quality assurance initiatives.

    “In addition, we have delivered a number of scientific and technical-related assistance measures along with strategic alliances in important markets, have invested in value-adding and provided the basis for farm controlled ventures.”

    A food industry development strategy will include:
    • a post-harvest handling centre to increase market opportunities for unprocessed and semi-processed food through packaging and logistics technology;
    • a quality food initiative to co-ordinate AGWEST and industry involvement in food quality;
    • an agri-food chain research institute to provide graduate education and research about food value chains and marketing structures; and -
    • a ‘WA Food Brand’ concept to establish buyer loyalty which will deliver improved returns to our producers.

    In addition to the Food Industry Development strategy, the Government will progress legislation in Parliament to provide producers with greater transparency and information on price discovery, with the aim of returning producers a fair price for their produce.

    “I will also continue to work with the Federal Government to strengthen Australia’s international trade policies to ensure fair trade opportunities for our producers,” Mr House said.

    “We will continue to promote opportunities for investment in WA to establish and expand further processing industries in area such as grain, horticulture, wool and dairy products.”

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