Richard Court

Richard Court


    Point Moore Lighthouse enters heritage list

    5/01/2001 2:00 PM

    Geraldton's distinctive red and white Point Moore Lighthouse has won listing on the State's list of heritage treasures.

    In Geraldton this afternoon, Premier Richard Court said that for more than 120 years, the Point Moore Lighthouse had played a key role in ensuring the safety of ships in the Geraldton region.

    With its unusual red and white banding, it is also one of the Geraldton region's best-known landmarks.

    The 29 metre high lighthouse will be placed on the Heritage Council of Western Australia's interim register of heritage places.

    Mr Court said the Point Moore Lighthouse was a worthy addition to the register.

    "The lighthouse has provided an important navigational aid to shipping since its construction in 1878 and is linked with the emergence and continuing development of Champion Bay as an important regional port,” he said.

    "It is also a very fine example of a prefabricated cast iron lighthouse tower and is actually the tallest prefabricated cast iron panel tower in Western Australia.

    "Together these factors make the lighthouse thoroughly deserving of the protection of the State's heritage laws."

    The Point Moore lighthouse tower is 95 feet high (28.9 metres) and is constructed of cast iron plates bolted together to form a tapering column. As is the case with most Australian lighthouses, keepers lived on the premises.

    Point Moore was such a busy location that three keepers were appointed.

    "The original residences were removed in 1926 and replaced with a timber framed, fibro cottage for one family,” Mr Court said.

    "In 1985 the light was fully automated and the keepers removed, although the timber framed quarters and other outbuildings still survive.”

    Mr Court said the Point Moore Lighthouse, owned by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, was included on the City of Geraldton's Municipal Inventory, was part of the local Heritage Trail and was highly valued by the local community for its aesthetic and historic qualities.

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