John Day

John Day


    Nurses only at Joondalup Hospital: Minister

    25/01/2001 5:12 PM

    Health Minister John Day today said that only nurses were permitted to carry out nursing duties at Joondalup Hospital, and this would not be changing.

    Mr Day said the State Government had no difference of opinion from that of the Australian Nursing Federation on this issue.

    “The Health Department of WA (HDWA) had a contract with Joondalup Health Campus to purchase a range of public health services including maternity, paediatric, general medical, surgical and emergency services,” the Minister said.

    He said he was pleased that Mayne Health had today made an assurance that there would be no application of clinical treatment by any staff other than qualified nurses in any of its hospitals.

    “The Collaborative Nursing Model will not relieve Joondalup Health Campus of its responsibility to meet the minimum hours of direct nursing care that is specified in the licence,” Mr Day said.

    “The Health Department of WA will continue to closely monitor and review the quality of public health services purchased at Joondalup Health Campus as part of its ongoing management of the contract.”

    The Minister said the HDWA had requested details from Mayne Health of any staffing changes that were proposed as a result of introducing this policy in the four Mayne Health hospitals in Perth and their potential impact on meeting licence conditions.

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